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  • The future of China's shipbuilding industry remains bright

    Release time:2017-06-30  Click:630
    Foreign well-known market research institutions recently issued a "China Shipbuilding Industry Research Report: 2017-2021." The report shows that last year, Chinese shipbuilding completions and new ship orders fell sharply, however, expect the next few years Chinese shipbuilding industry will have great development space, and enhance the design ability of research and development, improve the high-end equipment manufacturing capacity is an urgent problem. The global shipping market is on the decline in 2016, the report said. Global new ship turnover fell by 67% compared with the same period, and hand order decreased by 25% compared with 2015. China ship enterprise delivery, orders and handheld orders accounted for 35.6% of the global market share, 65.2%, 43.9%, affected by the global market depth adjustment, China's shipbuilding enterprises are facing fierce competition in the orders. With the new ship delivery and financing to obtain more and more difficult, hand order has continued to decline, boat prices are also significantly reduced revenue. Incomplete data show that in 2016, 60% of China's ship prices were zero. Large ship enterprises have been greatly impacted, and some ship enterprises even declared bankruptcy. The report said that last year, China's shipbuilding enterprises, the completion of new ships and orders have declined. Among them, the completion of the amount dropped to 35 million tons, down 15.6%; 21 million 100 thousand tons of orders, a decrease of 32.6%. The ratio of the completed ships to the completed quantities and the orders is 94.7% and 77.2% respectively. Think, in the short term, developed countries in high-end equipment manufacturing and design and research in the field of monopoly is difficult to break. The status of Korean shipbuilding enterprises in the construction of marine engineering equipment will be difficult to shake, and the competitive status of China and Singapore shipping enterprises in the mid and low-end market will continue. Therefore, how to strengthen the design and research ability and improve the high-end equipment manufacturing capacity is an urgent need to solve the problem. In 2016, the Chinese shipbuilding industry carried out a continuous merger and acquisition, and the Chinese government issued a series of policies to support the development of the shipbuilding industry. It is expected that China's shipbuilding industry will have a lot of room for development in the coming years. In the international market, China's shipbuilding enterprises are taking advantage of lower cost advantages than Japan and South Korea. At the same time, the domestic market demand is also increasing
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