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  • Smart ships: a new revolution in shipping and shipbuilding

    Release time:2017-06-28  Click:686
    Recently, the news about intelligent ships emerge in an endless stream, and the development of intelligent ships has become a hot spot. Held in May 30th to June 2nd 2017 Norway International Maritime Exhibition, DNVGL and Nippon Yusen released the first batch of maritime research data center project; the world's largest mining group BHP before said, looking for technical cooperation partners, the development of a giant autopilot for ships, including iron ore and coal, all kinds of mineral and ocean transportation; according to the China shipbuilding industry economic and Market Research Center, June 13th news release, the Japanese shipping industry is developing unmanned ship, plans to build a large fleet of unmanned driving in 2025. Insiders said that Japan, South Korea, Europe and other countries and regions, Chinese development of smart ship is like a raging fire, in general, all development of smart ship is still in the primary stage, only some one or two aspects go farther away. Smart ship can intelligent to what extent will the shipping industry in the future what impact, there is no clear answer, but the smart ship is represent the general trend is no doubt about the same, there is no doubt that the smart ship in ocean transportation volume also has a long way to go. "Initial stage" gameplay? DNVGL joint and NYK maritime data center project started in November 2015, and got the support of the company's. Since the launch of the program, NYK's 4 container ships have continued the Veracity data to DNVGL data transmission platform operation. Based on these operational data, the research team created a "digital twins" corresponding to the actual ship to achieve ship performance monitoring, status based maintenance, inspection and other functions. While the Japanese shipyards and shipping companies to jointly develop the unmanned ship, will install the automatic navigation system based on artificial intelligence technology, the use of networking technology, collection and analysis and sea weather, dangerous obstacles and goods related to the data in a timely manner, and according to the number according to the plan to save fuel, the safest and most. The shortest route. CSIC Economic Research Center of marine equipment and technology research department, research director Ceng Xiaoguang said, now, Chinese, Japan, Korea and Europe have carried out a number of intelligent ship project, related research China in transitional stage equipment integrated control to automatic navigation regulation. As far as ocean intelligent carriers are concerned, the progress of research in different countries and regions has little difference, but from the news released at present, the study of offshore intelligent ships is going faster in europe." Ceng Xiaoguang said that the advantage of Europe in supporting ships is an important reason for the formation of this pattern.
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