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  • China shipbuilding enterprises to actively participate in the Yamal LNG project

    Release time:2017-06-28  Click:587

    Russian media said, China Petroleum Group Russia Company general manager Jiang Qi said, Chinese shipbuilding enterprises to actively participate in the Yamal LNG project, the construction of a icebreaking capability of oil and gas transportation and transport ship module. The Russian news agency quoted Chinese satellite June 13th media reports, Jiang Qi, in the Arctic Yamal LNG project site said that in the climate and the complex geological conditions of the Arctic oil and gas resources development, construction and production to solve the large-scale use of Engineering Science and technology. China is currently the largest investment in Russia's Yamal LNG project, Sino Russian cooperation both sides give full play to the Arctic waterway, build icebreaking capability of oil and gas transportation and transport ship module. He said that the China ship manufacturing enterprises to actively participate in the Yamal project. For example, GSI company in January 2016 and April respectively delivered two ice class ARC7 heavy deck cargo ship, can maintain a speed of 2 knots in the 1.5 meter thick ice sea conditions, is mainly responsible for the large marine engineering module to the Yamal project site task. In November of the same year, the company began to build a ice class ARC7 condensate transport ship as the ship by the Yamal project, POD propulsion system of ship stern two-way ice load of 44 thousand and 500 tons. Jiang Qi also pointed out that the main problem facing the liquefied petroleum gas transmission is to break the ice. From July to November each year, liquefied gas carriers can travel through the Bering Strait and the Northwest Pacific Ocean along the Northeast passage of the Arctic Ocean and arrive in China in 19 to 21 days. But only in September is the waterway open water, and according to the requirements of the Russian Arctic channel administration, all ships through the Northeast channel need special ice breaker open or escort. He continued, "in order to escort Amar and other Arctic carriers, the Russian national nuclear power Shipping Co built the Arctic ice breaker.". The ship was launched in July 2016. The icebreaker is equipped with two nuclear power reactors to break 3 meters of ice. Jiang Qi pointed out that in the construction of the Yamal liquefied gas factory of the 3 production lines will be respectively at the end of this year and the next two years after operation, all to be put into production after the annual production of 16 million 500 thousand tons and 1 million tons of liquefied gas condensate. The Yamal LNG project of natural gas field is located in the West Siberia northern Yamal - Nenets autonomous region. In 2013 by the Russian government and the Russian oil Nova Tektronix Inc invited into the Yamal project, at present the oil and China silk road fund respectively in the Yamal liquefied gas company shares 20% and 9.9%, the project total investment of $30 billion.

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